Sunday, May 22, 2005


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The disctrict of the commune of Mostar covers an area of 1125 in wich about 100,000 inhabitants live. The district of this commune lies in the centre of Herzegovina, on the border between its lower and upper, mountaonous, part. In the landscape of the district several features can be dististinguished such as Bijelo Polje, the ravine of Mostar, the Bisce Plain and the high mountains Prenj, Cabulja, Cvrsnica, Velez and others. The lower lime-stone mountains are denuded, showing all the form of bare karst. The most important thoroughfares in Herzegovina pass through its middle part - the valley of the Neretva. Owing to its favourable geographic position, to fertile areas in the Neretva valley and a convenient climate, this is the most populated district in Herzegovina.

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